The IE Eco Club is a student-led society focused on Sustainability.

Together, we aim to create awareness among our peers of the dangers we face and how to overcome them. Through the hosting of events, organizing campaigns, and fundraisers, our club wants to promote more sustainable living at IE University. Our initiatives are not limited to the walls of IE campus, we want people who attend our events to implement what they have learned in their homes both in Spain and abroad. Moreover, we believe that this club aligns well with IE’s values of innovation and entrepreneurship, as sustainability will be the forefront of future businesses.










By joining our club as a member you will be kept up to date with ongoing events and fun initiatives on campus. Our goal is to bring awareness about the topic of Sustainability within the IE Community. If you are interested in hearing about future events, projects and local initiatives we encourage you to sign up. Moreover, you can also follow us on our social media channels, on Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn and Facebook, for more original content.

Events & Initiatives

Our club strives to bring awareness to environmental issues through the organizations of guest-speaker events, workshops and local initiatives in the Madrid and Segovia campuses. Furthermore, as a part of the IE Sustainability Committee, we aim to bring tangible change to the IE community - where together we can build a more prosperous future.

Original Content

At IE Eco Club we take pride in creating original content that helps students mitigate the complex reality of climate change. As we go through this learning process, we enjoy sharing it with all of you. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tiktok for our original content.


We like to believe that through all of these events and initiatives we are creating a community of responsible citizens that hope for a better future. At the end of the day, we are fostering a network of environmentally conscious professionals - which to us is key for a brighter future.

Meet the Madrid Team

Alia Benjelloun Benkacem Profile

Alia Benjelloun Benkacem

Olivia Louise Knauer Profile

Olivia Louise Knauer

Vice President
Shannon Therese Clancy Profile

Shannon Therese Clancy

Ema Klimentová Profile

Ema Klimentová

Luka Sophy Last Profile

Luka Sophy Last

María Belén Vera Maric Profile

María Belén Vera Maric



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Marketing & Communications

Green Week 2019 - Scale Your Impact

Green Week 2019 - Scale Your Impact

Green Week 2019 - Scale Your Impact

Thrift Sale 2019

Fundraising Bake Sale 2020

Fundraising Bake Sale 2020

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