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About Us

Girl Up is a non-profit organisation founded by the UN Foundation in 2010. It is based in Washington D.C. and has 3500 clubs in approximately 120 countries and all 50 US states.

Their leadership development programs have impacted 65,000 girls worldwide with their primary focus on helping adolescent girls in developing countries have an equal chance at education, health, social and economic opportunities and a life free from violence.

IE Girl Up Club has joined this global movement dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowering girls worldwide. Join us now!

Our Mission

We want to be able to put IE at the forefront of positive change and be able to inspire our next generation to fight for what they believe in, as we strongly believe that actions speak louder than words.

Our Team

Margarita Peces Collar Profile

Margarita Peces Collar

Marta Ortiz Heras Profile

Marta Ortiz Heras

Derin Kurultak Profile

Derin Kurultak

President (Segovia)
Adriana Martínez Menéndez Profile

Adriana Martínez Menéndez

Vicepresident (Segovia)
Mariana Atala Sapolnik Profile

Mariana Atala Sapolnik

Events Coordinator (Madrid)
Aimee Jacobo Orozco Profile

Aimee Jacobo Orozco

Public Relations Officer
Maria Isabel Zuluaga Reyes Profile

Maria Isabel Zuluaga Reyes

Events Coordinator (Segovia)
Annika Carla Ernst Profile

Annika Carla Ernst

Events Coordinator (Segovia)
Chahat Pardasani Profile

Chahat Pardasani

Public Relations Officer









We believe in challenging the view that someone should feel ashamed to ‘Run like a girl,’ and instead creating a future where we are ‘Proud to run like a girl.’

Areas We Focus On:

Members Benefits

  • Be part of an internationally recognised community that strives for a world of equal opportunity.
  • Gain a hands on experience in creating real and positive change.
  • Develop problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Meet and work with fellow team members interested in achieving the same objectives.

Events & Activities

Be the first to know about what we have planned and add our group calendar to your schedule.

Exclusive Resources

Access to our exclusive resources and networking opportunities.


Meeting new students with shared interests.


IE Girl Up Club

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